About us

After almost four decades in the industry, we are proud to have successfully completed more than 1,100 projects. Today we are on the course of a new jorney inroducing next generation accomodation to provide our customers a memorable excperience at sea. We have offices across the european and asian continent and our 700+ employees are ready to serve our clients. Discover the future of maritime accommodations with MMD.

Guided by the mantra ”Redefining excellence in marine building materials,” MMD combines Maritime Montering’s turnkey expertise with Dongrui’s craftsmanship to set new industry standards. Strategically invested in Dongrui, MMD delivers high-standard products tailored for the European market. Explore our catalog to witness the embodiment of our value in every marine panel, fire door and wet units. MMD goes beyond materials; it’s a dedication to meticulous detail, continuous improvement, and solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Our Team

Carlo Luisi

Sales Manager MMD
+39 320 824 1150

Kelvin Zhang

+86 138 1090 4239

Zhu Feng

Engineering Manager
+86 135 2469 3432

Steffen Birkeland

Business Development Manager
+47 992 32 666